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AR500 Armor Rimelig Ballistic Plates are Level II soft armor panels that offer affordable protection against most handgun threats. These plates are lightweight and can be worn in a backpack or messenger bag. Constructed from imported p-Aramid Fibers, these plates are designed, cut and assembled in the USA. These durable armor panels are available in several styles, from ultralight to heavy-duty. If you want to get a good value for your money, you can try the Rimelig Ballistic Plates from AR500 Armor.

The Hybrid option is a popular option, as it’s made of industry-leading materials, including Honeywell Gold Shield and Spectra Shield. These products are lightweight and flexible, weighing only 1.04 pounds per piece. The Hybrid armor is also available in many shapes, so finding the right fit is crucial to maximizing your comfort. You’ll be able to wear it under your uniform without any problems.

Another benefit of soft body armor is that it can be flexible. This allows you to reach over or go around obstacles, as opposed to rigid body armor. In addition, you’ll be able to move freely, which makes it easier to move about. While both hard and soft armor protect you from harmful impacts, they aren’t equally effective. Depending on the situation, you may want to choose a vest that’s flexible enough to accommodate your comfort and your body.