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AR500 Armor Rimelig Ballistic Plates are Level II soft armor panels. The Rimelig Plates are affordable, effective protection against the majority of handgun threats. They can be used in backpacks, messenger bags, and vests. Made in the USA, Rimelig Ballistic Fibers are imported from Germany. The panels are cut, welded, and assembled in the United States. In addition to being made in the USA, they can also be purchased online.

Because there are many different types of body armor, it can be hard to choose the best type for your needs. There are some important factors to consider before choosing a type. First of all, the weight of the armor must be comfortable for you. Secondly, body armor must protect against the blunt trauma energy of a bullet. If the armor is too heavy, it may hinder mobility and make you more vulnerable during hostile situations. So, the right material is crucial for your chosen soft armor.

Another key factor in choosing a type of armor is the type of protection. Some soft body armor is made of interwoven fibers, which can be used like regular clothing. Other forms of soft body armor include laminate combinations or a laminate combination of fibers. Polyethylene or resin is used to reinforce the fibers and increase the armor’s resistance to high temperatures. Modern soft body armor incorporates textile and polymer technologies to make them light and comfortable.